A Company Founded By Technocrates From IIT and IET
Robotics deals with the design, construction, operation, and use of robots, as well as computer systems for their control, sensory feedback, and information processing.
Embedded System
An embedded system is a computer system with a dedicated function within a larger mechanical or electricalsystem, often with real-time computing constraints.
PCB Design
A printed circuit board (PCB) mechanically supports and electrically connects electronic components using conductive tracks, pads and other features etched.

Electronic Product Design & Manufacturing Services

We Bring Quality Electronic Products to Market
In electronics, time-to-market is crucial; our engineers have the skills to bring quality products to market and accomplish this by using a platform that best suits your requirements based on use, conditions, and price. As a result, you benefit from accelerated development, accumulated experience, economies of scale, and performance reliability.

Experienced, Skilled, Client-centered
You can be assured that when you entrust your entire electronic design and development needs to us that we have the engineering and the practical know-how to come up with solutions that are implementable in the manufacturing phase. We have the experience and disciplines necessary for complete turnkey development of electronics:
  • Analog & Digital Circuit Schematics, Gerber Artwork and Layout Design
  • Embedded Systems Firmware & Micro Controller Programming
  • Embedded Systems Software Design
  • User-Interface Development
  • Hardware Design for EMI & EMC Compliance

As a team, we employ a design methodology that takes into account the agile and often iterative nature of electronic product development while working closely with you throughout the process. We take pride in our interactive, client-centered approach that involves you in all phases of a project. Our ability to communicate clearly – combined with our ability to produce functional and cost effective electronic designs – ensures that the end product will always live up to your needs and expectations.

Our capabilities have be applied in the custom electronics design of products in the following areas
  • Automation Solutions
  • Dynamic Digital Signage
  • Environment Controllers
  • GPS/Tracking Solutions
  • Biometric Scanning Security Systems
Board Electronic Design Process
A prototype is the product of the electronic development process and is an essential part in the design, development, as well as certification procedure. In prototyping, we take a concept that exists only on paper and substantiate it into physical form that functions as the envisioned product should. How an electronic product will respond to user input is difficult to evaluate without experiencing them first hand. As a tool in the development process used to validate electronic design, a prototype is crucial for understanding the complex interaction between user and device.

During the development stage, several working prototypes may be produced, usually by hand, and are tested by our engineers. The prototypes are then sent to our client for further testing in the field to gather feedback and to identify bugs that will later be corrected.

Once a prototype has undergone sufficient testing and validation, a pre-production prototype is then regarded as the "golden sample," which is used as the benchmark or standard on which mass produced units will be based. This golden sample is also used for certification purposes and sent to a third-party testing facility for markings

As opposed to a working prototype or a pre-production prototype, which are produced toward the end of development, more rudimentary prototypes may be made during the early stages of development in the form of a Proof of Concept to prove the idea works from a technical standpoint, or as a Mock Up to simply convey shape and size but not the function, material, or production methods of a final mass produced product.